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Conscious Alignment is a unique advanced yoga training program for you - yoga teachers - wishing to expand your knowledge and teaching experience, to explore the possibilities of offering effective hands-on support, and to empower students in making the right decisions for their own bodies and practice.

Through this intimate training program, only 4 participants will have the opportunity to grow both as a teacher and as a student under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced yoga trainers. While this advanced training will build off the basics of assisting, introduce a deeper understanding of the body, and integrate a more in-depth review of assisting through Swastha Yoga Methodology, Conscious Alignment students will also participate in portions of the 200-hour YTT, which runs concurrently with the advanced program; affording you the opportunity for greater connection and support.

Holding Conscious Alignment concurrently with Swastha Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training creates an expanded platform for learning, through shared participation in discussions, observation of the asana practices and partnering with a diverse group of individuals. Our 200-hour training programs bring together a diverse group of participants; students desiring to deepen their personal practice, flexibility and strength in all aspects of life, and those committed to becoming yoga teachers seeking a broader range of perspective and capability in working with diverse populations. We ask that our advanced students enter the program with a student first-student last mindset, as to consistently find the lesson and the learning, as well to be open to the teachings is paramount in becoming an effective Swastha Yoga leader and yoga teacher.

Conscious Alignment students are asked to model this form of leadership through leading by example with the entry-level 200 hour students during the training, and to continue aligning to this level of generosity and vulnerability when they go back to their communities. Participating in this way not only affords the Conscious Alignment student a unique opportunity to practice hands on assists to a variety of bodies, it will challenge your own ability and skill in being a student; processing constantly and consistently being a human while being present in the presence of others. You have our full permission to get messy (and it will), and we ask nothing more of you than to fully participate and engage in this way. This is the deeper presence inside the yoga…and when true advanced learning takes shape.

Our program supports the Conscious Alignment student to cultivate studentship in a variety of ways:

  • in a small group setting with skilled and experienced teachers and leaders

  • independently as a way to develop content, time-management and creative planning skills

  • within the larger group as a leader and teacher

The schedule offers an opportunity to create a steady and sustainable personal daily practice - something that any balanced yoga teacher has mastered. As an advanced student, you will be required to take ownership of your practice and be available and present to the entry-level 200 hour students during yoga asana practice, posture clinics, chair sessions, and practicum sessions. The evenings will be vary in regards to having time to prepare for your workshop presentation, posture clinics, or joining the larger group discussion/activities.

Our goal is that Swastha students leave our program able to integrate a personal practice effectively into their lives; continuing the growth process towards swastha (optimal health on all levels).

Conscious Alignment is an intensive program and hands-on process, which requires full commitment and presence. As a participant in this program, embracing the offering as it is, as well as the opportunity to model studentship are key aspects and skills to cultivate in order to leave the program feeling successful and fulfilled. Your effort and impact are vital to creating an environment where conscious integrated learning may take place for everyone, and noticing how you balance yourself in all of this is the advanced training.

In addition, in Conscious Alignment, you will have the opportunity to practice and get real time feedback in the moment from a member of the teaching team, your peers, and the program participants during group asana practices. While there is a significant focus on hands on assisting, another fundamental component to Conscious Alignment is teaching others alignment by way of leading posture clinics. During program, you will break down postures for the 200-hour students each morning; here is where shaping effective teaching takes place in an intimate setting. You will be supported, guided, and offered feedback on your teaching during these sessions; all aligned and intended to cultivate precision and effectiveness in your teaching.

Feedback is not always easy to hear, yet the intent is to support and empower you to be great. Noticing, and hearing, what is too much or not enough in what you are assisting, saying, feeling, and in every aspect of life, is the next level of yoga teaching.  Noticing when you have got it, and when you don’t - and discovering how to get back in and the equation that supports that - is the ultimate conscious alignment.

Your days will be balanced between asana practice, learning alignment and therapeutics, giving and receiving assists, teaching classes and posture clinics, discussions and exercises. This mix provides a rich and unique learning community – the perfect environment for growing ourselves and creating our next expression in the world.

A typical daily schedule for the Conscious Alignment training is as follows:

  • 6:15-7am Breakfast

  • 7am Pranayama (Kriyas), Meditation, Reflection Shares

  • 9am Hands-On practical assisting in the Yoga Asana practice (a different focus each day depending on skill and ability)

  • 10:30am Posture Clinic presentations (prepared and led by Conscious Alignment)

  • 11:30am Lunch Break

  • 12:45pm Ayurveda, Subtle Body and/or Human Potential Discussion with the larger group

  • 3:30pm Break

  • 4pm Small Group Mentorship & Skill Development with Hands-on Assisting & Posture breakdown

  • 5:30pm Dinner Break

  • 6:30pm Evening Activity with larger group and/or Workshop Planning

The Conscious Alignment program is for you if you are looking to:

  • Generate a new understanding and perspective of the poses by learning more advanced physical assists, alignment and therapeutics by incorporating Swastha Methodology.

  • Expand your knowledge and experience assisting, teaching, and mentoring.

  • Have a practical hands-on experience with constructive and personal feedback on your assists, touch, delivery, and presence from a member of the teaching team, as well as from your peers.

  • Learn how to teach with intention and enhanced precision which allows for a new depth of connection with your students.

  • Learn of methodology that supports integrated development in all life situations.

  • Ignite your own personal practice, expand possibilities, and align consciously to your life purpose.


US$599 per week (USA)

INCLUDES • All training tuition, mentorship, and materials • lunch daily

uS$2499 (Costa RIca)

INCLUDES • All training tuition, mentorship and materials • Double-shared accommodations • 3 delicious meals per day

Private accommodation upgrade and co-ed dormitory options available upon registration and availability.

This program qualifies for 100 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits and, with approval, can also be used towards the Swastha Yoga International 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.



* Deposits will reserve your spot in the training and are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable at any time. * Refunds will not be issued, for any reason, 90 days or less before training start date and can only be applied to a future Swastha Yoga program within one year of cancellation date. * There will be absolutely NO refunds issued for no-shows, and for those who choose to (or who are asked to) leave before the program completion date. * In the unlikely event that Swastha Yoga needs to cancel a program, participants will be refunded the full tuition amount paid.

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