6-day personal Ayurveda

body-mind detox program

Our modern lifestyle is getting faster, more convenient, and has more options to choose from than ever before.

But how do you actually feel?

More tired? More overwhelmed? More stressed? More exhausted?

What if we told you that “more” is slowly killing you? That the excessive stimulation, fast pace, and overwhelming decisions of your lifestyle are wreaking havoc on your nervous system, mental clarity, and gut? And that being in “the grind” of life creates a mental and physical morbid toxic waste substance known in Ayurveda as “ama”? If you don’t interrupt this cycle, ama can damage organs and, over time, turn into dis-ease. For you, this external “wear and tear” could look like:

  • headaches

  • insomnia

  • exhaustion

  • bloating/constipation

  • weight gain

  • lack of energy

  • low libido

  • skin rash

  • IBS

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • and so much more…

So, what if we also told you that healing can only happen when you realize that “less is more?”

We have an opportunity for you to do less. To interrupt the cycle of dis-ease. And to simply reset.

You will experience a full body and mind reset in 6 days.

Reset your body with Ayurvedic detoxifying treatments and meals. Reset your mind with effective self-reflection tools. And reset your emotional body with the wisdom of therapeutic yoga practices.

By detoxifying the body and purifying the mind, our internal biorhythms can be rebuilt. When the digestive system is reset and the immune system is strengthened, our natural and optimal state of vitality and mental clarity is restored.

In this 6-day reset program, you will receive one-on-one guidance to transform your physical and mental health for life.

Our therapists and consultants are experienced and adept in their field.

You will receive an initial Ayurvedic consultation and a personal health coaching consultation to assess your unique constitution and imbalances. From there, a personalized plan will be designed and tailored to your needs. Your personalized protocol is specifically designed for you to leave here with a healthy, functioning digestive system, and renewed vital energy.


2020 Calendar Dates
Peace Retreat, Costa Rica

March 15-20

November 8-13

November 15-20


Retreat Itinerary


DAY 2-5:

  • One individual Ayurvedic health consultation which will determine your customized treatment protocol

  • Up to 3 Ayurvedic treatments per day, herbs and food to supplement and support bringing you back to a place of balance.

  • One individual coaching session - a true mental reset.

Follow-up session and at-home protocol


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Everything has been amazing!! I was feeling depleted and this retreat was exactly what I needed to feel nourished and replenished. I learned a lot about Ayurveda and about myself, it was my best spa experience...EVER!!...it’s gonna be difficult to beat that! I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the teachers, the location, and the connections that I was able to make - amazing and healing - I am so glad that I participated in this retreat!
— Joleen (San Francisco, CA)
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  • One private Ayurvedic Health Consultation

  • One individual coaching session.

  • Up to three physical Ayurvedic treatments per day depending on your personal needs. This may include…

    • body oil massage (abhyanga)

    • energetic point therapy (marma)

    • nasal passage cleanse (nasya)

    • specific body part oil bath (basti)

    • relaxing head treatment (shirodhara)

    • breathing techniques (pranayama)

    • guided yogic sleep (yoga nidra)

  • Three light Ayurvedic meals per day designed to cleanse and balance your body.

  • Daily yoga class.

  • Double-shared Accommodations (private room upgrade and co-ed multi-space room options available).

  • Return transportation from/to Liberia International Airport.

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