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personal health consultations

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Kevin & Serena

Whether you are looking to learn something new, work through a current challenge, or let go of something old that is keeping you stuck, a personal health consultation can be the catalyst for change. Work with some of the best and most experienced leaders in their field and leave feeling heard, cared for, motivated, and empowered to create and live the life you want.

private Ayurvedic Health Consultation with Serena Arora

Ayurvedic Medicine is a 5000 year old trusted medical and lifestyle system that is considered “the science of life.” A personal consultation with Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Serena Arora, is an opportunity to reflect on your own lifestyle history and events, to source insight on your imbalances, and to implement specific daily lifestyle changes in order to restore balance and vitality.

You will receive:

  • a 75-minute private Ayurvedic Health Consultation complete with face, tongue, and pulse (in person) readings and a personalized 30-day Ayurvedic lifestyle protocol emailed to your inbox (US$80)

  • 30-minute follow-up sessions (US$45)

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Private “human theory” consultation with Kevin McQuillan

Kevin uses his extensive knowledge and experience in human development to support others in reflecting upon their own challenges and outcomes. He has helped hundreds of people face some of the most challenging of situations with more clarity and ease, and has the innate ability to help you feel empowered and motivated to show up in life full of purpose and possibility.

You will receive:

  • one free 30 minute initial touch-in and a 60 minute private consultation (US$75) OR

  • one free 30 minute initial touch-in and 4 private consultations (US$250)

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the art of living well workshops

revitalize & renew

Discover your personal communication patterns, learn why you do what you do, and implement sustainable self-care practices into your daily routine. With this newfound awareness of self, you can transform the way you show up in life.

the art of relating

Others are simply our mirrors. A reflection of how we are sharing ourselves in the world. They can show us exactly what we need to learn and, with curiosity and practice, the possibility for more clarity and growth is right in front of us.

intimacy & immunity

How many chances do we get in life to create truly deep and meaningful connections? Maybe only a few. So, learn what it takes to cultivate true intimacy and closeness with another and how co-creating loving partnership is a boost to your immune system and overall vitality.

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