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Teach With Confidence
May 17-26, 2019

Swastha Yoga International Advanced Teacher Training (100hr) is specifically designed for the certified yoga teachers who have a desire to cultivate a deeper connection with their students, to be a more effective leader, and to create more balance, vitality and greater expression in the world. An immersive teaching experience that will facilitate the teaching of yoga as a vehicle for personal growth and integrated evolution.

Human Journey
June 8-22 ,2019

Swastha Yoga International 200hr Teacher Training is  an integrated program rooted in the practice of Yoga, based in science of Ayurvedic Medicine, and expanded through Human Potential growth. Made for aspiring yoga teachers, students and anyone who wants to experience and instigate real, sustainable transformation in life. An immersion for living well.  

Conscious Alignment
June 6-22, 2019

Swastha Yoga International 200hr Hands-on assists Advanced Teacher Training Program is for certified yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge and teaching experience, to explore the possibilities of offering effective hand-on support, and to empower their students to make the right decisions for their own bodies and practice.