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We discuss real life stuff. How we relate to ourself, others, and the world. These workshops are robust with great tools and real life skills that, when learned, cultivated, and practiced, can transform the way you move in the world.

the art of relating

5-day workshop with Kevin McQuillan & Serena Arora

Kevin & Serena

We all know what relationship success feels like. And, of course, we know all too well what the opposite feels like too. When relationships take a sordid twist into blame and resistance, or a downward spiral into resentment and disconnection, it is an uncomfortable situation to say the least. And, to make things worse, instead of knowing how to move into the discomfort with conflict resolution confidence, instead you find yourself trying to numb the pain, avoiding the issue or attempting to distract yourself from the experience. And, despite your best intentions for deeper levels of connection, you are simply left feeling defensive, hurt, and misunderstood; all leading to prolonged confusion, unhappiness, chaos and despair. This dynamic significantly costs us quality of relationship and leaves us feeling even more disconnected in our relationships.

Well, what if we told you that being successful in relationships can be LEARNED? That, by implementing these tools, learning, and practicing these skills, you can generate greater confidence and levels of connection and intimacy, use your voice to feel heard and understood, and even help those around you to feel the same?

Sounds good, right?

Well, here’s the truth - great relationships don’t come naturally - they must be created, pursued and nurtured.

Sometimes we hear people say, "I'm not giving up, I'll just try harder". But if you try harder doing the same things that you have always done, then you will get the same results. Successful relating means learning to adapt. And, in order to do that, we need to change old habits, patterns and practices. Without that you are in fact giving up - regardless of what you believe.

One reason for relationship dissatisfaction is due to the fact that we allow our current relationships to be filtered through our past; meaning that we treat others how we think we know relationships to be, and these preconceived judgements undoubtedly hinder how we think, listen and communicate.

By setting the intention to clear the past and to step into present relationships, just as they are, as well as feeling grounded in reality and eager to contribute, is the first step to having extraordinary relationships.


This retreat is not a quick fix because, first, nothing is broken. Secondly, you are not broken. We simply believe that real relating is a creative process and, from our perspective, an art. Relating to others means engaging with others with compassion and fullness in your listening, as well as increased precision and power in your speaking. It is feeling aligned to your personal values while connecting with others more effectively, passionately, and powerfully. This is the Art of Relating.

We have developed an integrated model of living well that supports greater overall well-being and can help disrupt habits that reinforce feeling stuck, numb, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled.

Learning this art will require a commitment on your part to seek clarity in how you habitually and pathologically sabotage relationships through communication patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed, devalued, and unheard.

We are very proud of this offering and are confident that you will gain meaningful results by joining us. This is about mastering the art of relating while co-creating high-quality relationships versus just hanging around in mediocre relationships until their demise.

During this 5-day retreat, we will explore multiple aspects of communication, current patterns that shape how we perceive and respond to others, as well as experiential practices, group discussions, and therapeutically dynamic movement practices that support self-care, as well as improved quality and connection in our personal, professional and intimate relationships.


Yoga teachers who attend the entire weekend workshop will qualify for 15 Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance

Yoga teachers who attend the entire weekend workshop will qualify for 15 Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance

* The retreat is designed to address two key distinctions within relationship; winning versus connecting. We will look at the how, in any given situation, we have a choice to strive to be right and in control (win) or connect through curiosity and understanding.

* Reveal your personal sabotage strategies that limit your effectiveness in relationship – why these once worked and how they no longer serve you

* Identify the coping mechanisms that you use in order to deal with emotional distress and learn how to establish habits that are more aligned with your core values.

* Explore societal gender-related messages that impede connection and define your own relationship within feminine and masculine qualities of communication.

* Gather insight into why you do the things you do, understand and appreciate different communication styles, and improve your ability to interact with people more effectively.

* Identify relationship stages, and learn practices in self-care, active listening and love languages that will support intimacy, connection and sex.


september 23, 2018

Our friend, Jessica Hruska, at Empowering Possibility is a great role model in relating - we adore her and her community and can't wait to share space with them at 7 Hills Brewery in Dubuque!

Sunday 8am-5pm

rapid city, south dakota

September 14-16, 2018

There are few words to describe our deep respect and love for the people of this special community at Sōl Yoga Collective in Rapid City. If you are hungry for a life-changing opportunity in an accepting environment, join us!

Friday Sept. 14: 5:30-8:30pm | Saturday Sept. 15 8am-5pm | Sunday 8am-4pm

minneapolis, minnesota

september 29 & 30, 2018

We love and share the mission of Minnesota Power Yoga; committed to growth, leadership and community. All great reasons to join us for this life-changing workshop in Minneapolis, MN!

Saturday 8am-5pm | Sunday 8am-4pm


FEBRUARY 11-15, 2019

September 14-16: Rapid City, South Dakota, USA @ Sol Yoga Collective

September 21-23: Dubuque, Iowa, USA @ Empowering Possibility

September 29 & 30: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA @ Minnesota Power Yoga