Men's Retreat




January 28–February 3, 2018

If you're anything like me, you are trying to find the right balance between the extremes of life; personal values versus social conditioning, acceptance versus resignation, personal commitments versus professional commitments, all while attempting to find ways to remain as alive, and as vital, as possible.

As a son, partner, father and entrepreneur who, on the other side of failed relationship, marriage, and business, I got curious about the human experience; committed to evolving, learned from mistakes, and celebrated the wins along the way.  I am passionate about sharing real life experiences through platforms that bring people together, instigating conversation, stimulating growth, and supporting community. Over the years, I have learned and developed many practices that have strengthened my core values, increased my health and vitality, and refined my listening and communication skills. I am excited to share these tools with you!

From my perspective, many men today feel anxious, tight and overwhelmed and can often be due to the experience of feeling emasculated, devalued and unheard. This, in turn, can lead into limiting perspectives that support resignation, avoidance and resentment; all while fueling an emotional response, such as irritation, frustration and underlying sadness. This experience consistently cuts off communication and connection to self and others.

Many of us find ourselves trapped in a daily habit-forming routine that causes mental, emotional and physical rigidity; keeping us from feeling connected to the present, and to our own personal values, which can limit how we engage and relate to ourselves and others.

So what can we do to transform this pattern?

A key component to implementing change is the ability to recognize and confront our own rigidity and see our inflexibility from various perspectives.

As I see it, we are always practicing something – they are called habits. Many of our habits are unconscious and produce and reinforce underlying misalignment and tension (stress). Regardless of what we say we are learning, perhaps the most important lesson to learn is risking what we already know, and diving into new methodologies and totally new experiences.

On this retreat, we will explore multiple aspects of listening, speaking and moving, including the patterns which shape what we perceive and how we respond. We will learn and practice distinct methods that will empower your individual expression and support your relationships at home and at work.

Our focus will be on defining masculinity, increasing vitality, and being as healthy and as centered as possible in our body, mind, heart and being. Through effective daily living practices, we will learn how best to navigate these common daily pitfalls with precision and compassion, as well as learn how to center into our personal values and speak to our needs from a place of courage.  

In the process we will address real issues facing men in today's world.

Learn practices which will:

  • Strengthen body/mind balance and overall well-being, vitality and flexibility
  • Refresh your perspective on relationship; creating new possibilities in connection
  • Find clarity, power and freedom in living true to your personal values
  • Create awareness and ownership in finding your voice
  • Offer new depths of emotional compassion, expression and equilibrium


The program is designed within a fully integrated model of yoga, meditation and outdoor activities as the central physical practices, and is infused with other practices that speak to each domain (physical, emotional, cognitive) in order to support real vitality, flexibility, strength and overall well-being. In order for sustainable change and real growth to occur, new practices must be embodied. Information and insight alone will not do it. This learning is an invaluable tool towards more connection and better relationships.

This retreat is for men of any age and background, and accessible for any body. I invite you join me to explore new perspectives, deepen awareness, and generate an inclusive experience of vitality and renewal. Together we will evolve.



    • Breakfast and Dinner daily
    • Double shared accommodation
    • All discussion and yoga sessions with experienced and qualified yoga teacher/facilitator, Kevin McQuillan
    • One Stand Up Paddleboard Excursion (includes transport)
    • One surf lesson (includes surfboard)
    • All day adventure tour (includes horseback riding, zip-lining, white-water tubing, hot-springs, lunch, transportation)
    • Airport group shuttle transportation to/from Peace Retreat 

    $1,399usd per person

    We will stick to a dynamic balance of fun, learning and adventure. Mornings will be for meditation, yoga, somatic work, and discussions. Afternoons and evenings will cover a range of outdoor activities, movement, group sessions and relaxation.

    [ Day 1 ] Arrival/Check-In  |  4:30 pm: Welcome Orientation  |  5:00 pm: Program Begins - Yoga Class  |  6:30 pm: Dinner  |  7-8:30 pm: Program Session

    [ Day 2 ] 7:00 - 8:30 am: Meditation & Yoga Session  |  8:30 am: Breakfast  |  9:15 am: Program Session  |  11:30 am: Lunch/Free Time  |  2:00 pm: Discussion Session  |  5:00 pm: Program & Yoga Session  |  6:30 pm: Dinner  |  7:30 pm: Evening Session                                                        

    [ Day 3 & 4 ] 7:00 - 8:30 am: Meditation & Yoga Session  |  8:30 am: Breakfast  |  9:15 am: Program Session  |  11:30 am: Lunch/Free Time  |  1:00 pm: Activities Surf/Stand-up Paddleboard  |  5:00 pm: Program & Yoga Session  |  6:30 pm: Dinner  |  7:30 pm: Evening Session

    [ Day 5 ] 6:00 am: Breakfast  |  6:30 am: All-day Adventure Excursion  |  6:00 pm:  Return to property/Dinner  |  7:00 pm: Meditation/Movement

    [ Day 6 ] 7:00 - 8:30 am: Meditation & Yoga Session  |  8:30 am: Breakfast  |  9:15 am: Program Session  |  11:30 am: Lunch/Free Time  |  2:00 pm: Discussion Session  |  5:00 pm: Beach and Sunset Meditation  |  6:30 pm: Dinner Out                                                                                                           

    Day 7 ] 7:00 - 8:30 am: Yoga Class & Closing  |  8:30 am: Breakfast  |  Departure/Check-Out

    Leave energized and inspired to transform your experience from surviving to thriving!