The Art of Living Well Workshops

with Kevin McQuillan & Serena Arora

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Wrangling in Resentment

Saturday, October 12, 2019

9:00am – 12:00pm 

Sōl Yoga Collective, Rapid City, SD

Have you noticed that resentments and regrets:

  • dominate your experience? 

  • leave you feeling bitter and angry?

  • lead to common complaints and negativity?

  • leave you feeling offended?

  • often resurface; becoming a pattern in your behavior?

  • undermine your current relationships?

Resentment fundamentally blocks love and intimacy. During this interactive workshop we will identify the stages of resentment, explore emotions in response to each stage, as well as associated behaviors such as anger and blame. When compounded, this can all lead to separation, deteriorated health, and ultimately poison the very relationships that we say we want and need.

You will discover subtle ways in which built up resentment can taint perspective and warp reality. And have the opportunity to learn practical methods to address resentment, identify your own behavior patterns, move through the pain, and break the cycle.

The participant-centered activities and exercises will be presented by trained thought leaders in an atmosphere of acceptance and openness. The interactive discussions with your peers are designed to meet an intentional goal of moving habitual resentment and making space for a greater sense of freedom and connection.

 You will learn:

  • The health risks of living with resentment

  • How resentment erodes both trust and respect

  • To listen with compassion and speak with precision

  • To discover your responsibility and accountability in a relationship

  • To release resentment and stop blaming others

  • To empower a new outcome more aligned with your personal values

Join Serena and Kevin to connect and discuss the power of truly integrated practices in a supportive and inclusive environment.


(OR all 3 workshops $75)

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Freedom in Forgiveness

Saturday, October 12, 2019

1:30pm – 4:30pm 

Sōl Yoga Collective, Rapid City, SD

Time does not heal. Healing is a choice.

What supports healing is fundamentally your own choice to fully embrace the healing process. But, what does that entail?

In order to feel new levels of renewal and wholeness, you must learn to:

  • forgive yourself

  • cultivate compassion, self-care and deep acceptance within

  • take ownership of your experience, actions and results

Forgiveness of self and others is a key aspect within the healing process and doing so responsibly requires guidance and support.

This workshop aims to provide the necessary tools you need to further your healing process. You will be able to:

  • Identify the stumbling blocks to forgiveness

  • Transform fear into forgiveness

  • Open up and take risks

  • Experience support, acceptance, release, a deep feeling of healing and completion

  • Walk away with a fully integrated practice that supports quality of relationship and enhanced well-being

Most of the time people feel safe when they are with others who are very accepting, caring and compassionate and this is the atmosphere that we will create.

Join Serena and Kevin to connect, discuss meaningful matters, and move into new levels of freedom and peace, all within a supportive and inclusive environment.

This is the power of truly integrated practices that facilitate and support the Art of Living Well. 

This will be an interactive and participant-centered workshop; come prepared to participate.


(OR all 3 workshops $75)

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Enhancing Intimacy & Immunity

Sunday, October 13, 2019

10:30am – 1:30pm 

Sōl Yoga Collective, Rapid City, SD

Do you experience a general lack of hunger, desire, passion, vitality, and creativity for life?

Are there times when you feel anxious, burnt out, or unmotivated? Or perhaps you feel all of these at the same time? 

Like your phone, these signs and symptoms are your body’s way of going into “low power” mode. It gives your nervous system a break in an attempt to save as much energy as possible in order for you to survive.

But why simply survive when you were meant to thrive?

Discover your own specific everyday environmental stresses (work, family, health, finances…) that erode your natural ability to recover and regain balance, vitality, and overall health. Only by recognizing what you do that depletes you, can you then eliminate (or lessen) these actions from your field, and ultimately begin to thrive.

This workshop is designed within the heart of yoga and Ayurveda to:

  • heighten your awareness of your physical body - specifically the nervous system

  • empower you to recognize what depletes you on a daily basis

  • introduce daily practices that will nourish and regenerate your body, reversing the process of physical erosion (aging)

  • introduce cognitive practices that will empower you to surpass your own limitations

  • provide you with the tools to overcome emotional obstacles that block intimacy

  • participate in simple practices that support increased levels of intimacy and immunity

  • leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired to generate a dynamic experience of renewal and vitality in your life

Join Serena and Kevin to develop truly integrated practices that will create optimal health and well-being and immediately improve the quality of your life. This is the Art of Living Well.


(OR all 3 workshops $75)