Harness your potential

Live with purpose

Be the force you are meant to be

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Our mission is to live a high quality, congruent, and purposeful life, and to empower others to actively pursue the same.

There is an epidemic of people living in conflict, disconnection, unease, and overwhelm. We interrupt this cycle of dis-ease by helping you…

  • discover the root cause of your confusion

  • uncover habitual patterns that feed fear and shame

  • find purpose and possibility

We integrate the science of yoga, wisdom of Ayurveda, and modern reality of human potential practices to support overall health, enhance clarity, and sustain well-being.

We call this the art of living well.


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The Art of Living Well Workshops
Wrangling in Resentment; Freedom in Forgiveness; Enhancing Intimacy & Immunity

October 12 & 13, 2019 | USA

Are you feeling stuck in your career, your expression, your relationships? Discover what is eroding your natural ability to create balance and break the cycle of resentment, anger, and blame. Choose instead to experience a life of intimacy, creativity, and vitality.

Join Serena and Kevin and learn to generate a dynamic experience of renewal, connection, and vibrant health for yourself.

Human Journey
200 hr Foundational Training

November 9-23 ,2019 | Costa Rica

Are you looking to find your voice? Your tribe? Your purpose?

Then look no further.

This 200-hour yoga teacher training goes well beyond the physical poses, it is an opportunity to instigate real, sustainable change in your life.

Gain insight into your own health and wellness and impact others in a positive and more meaningful way.

Therapeutic Ayurveda-Informed Yoga
100 hr Advanced Module

Nov 28-Dec 7, 2019 | Costa Rica

Understand the inner workings of disease, it’s stages, and the impact that it can have on everyone. Embody healing practices, nervous system & physical body awareness, and practical therapeutic applications. Learn therapeutic yoga practices, poses (modifications with props), pranayama for particular outcomes, subtle body essentials, and Ayurvedic physiology.

Prerequisite: 200 hour approved YTT






We partner with yoga, fitness studios, event providers and organizations around the world. Collaborating on marketing initiatives, program development and visitor events.



Our one-on-one consultations are designed to address personal challenges so that you can heal, realign and live with vitality. Our group sessions help foster collaboration, success, and scalability in the workplace and with your team.


Sharing highly actionable insights, principles and practices, we speak in-person at events, conferences and within the online community.