Swastha Yoga International - About Us

Meet Serena Arora & Kevin Mcquillan, the founders of Swastha Yoga International. They are hoping to see you on the mat.


We are grateful to be able to do this work.  

Our reward is witnessing our students in a "lightbulb moment", a raw opening, or an unabashed release that all instigate growth, learning, and possibility. Our aim is to model showing up in life more connected to our partners, our families, our communities, and our students. We are passionate about Yoga, Ayurveda, and living well - which spreads far beyond the yoga mat - and we believe that, by committing to sharing these practices with others, abundance and group consciousness comes alive! 

Our goal is to inspire yoga teachers around the globe to have deep and meaningful practices both on and off the mat, to understand what being a truly powerful and authentic leader is all about, and to use words and actions to support one another in building strong human connections, so that our collective as yoga students, teachers, and humans will thrive - that is Swastha!

Swastha Yoga International was co-created by Serena Arora and Kevin McQuillan who have both taught, led, shared and engaged in this beautiful process of yoga with many renown teachers and gurus from around the world for over 40 combined years. We are thrilled to be able to build a community of teachers, practitioners, and leaders who are equally as committed to sharing, contributing, learning and being well together.  We invite you to our home in Costa Rica to partake in our deeply meaningful retreats, workshops, and trainings. We also welcome the invitation and opportunity to support you in growing and empowering your own community - wherever you are in the world! We encourage you to connect with us.



"When I went to India, my family said to me, “Don’t study yoga, BE yoga.” so this is me being yoga for the last 40 years or so.”

With a Bachelor of Education and Masters in Wholistic Therapy, Serena's yoga offerings of almost 20 years is supported by life-long practice and deep exploration into the art and science of yoga, yoga therapy, holistic health, physical and subtle body work, and Ayurvedic Medicine. Having completed programs of study in Ashtanga Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Wholistic Therapy, and Ayurveda (in America, Canada and India), Serena provides her students with an integrated and well-rounded approach. She is grateful to her inspiring teachers and mentors from around the world including Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Rajesh Kotecha, Dr. Scott Blossom, Tias & Surya Little, Joseph & Lilian Lepage, Sri Geeta Iyengar, and especially her very first ‘guru' - her dad.

As a formally trained academic school teacher, yoga studio retreat owner, and international yoga teacher trainer, Serena has served the community at large. She has offered a wide range of yoga and wellness classes, workshops, conferences, retreats, teacher trainings, and general human and planetary wellness education to new moms and their babies, toddlers, kids, troubled youth, athletes, adults of all ages, seniors, and low mobility patients in a variety of settings. Serena holds sweet authentic space for her students; guiding them through deeply contemplative, Ayurvedically therapeutic, and consciously aligned practices that lead to awakening the human spirit.

Most recently, Serena was on the teaching faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico; integrating her passion of living yoga and Ayurveda. She has also served as Affiliate Trainer for Integrative Yoga Therapy, Soma Yoga Institute, and is currently based in Costa Rica as co-founder and lead trainer of Swastha Yoga International. Her authentic teaching style, unique creativity, and warm humo(u)r is often contagious, and Serena is grateful to be able to inspire, affect change, and transform lives through Yoga & Ayurveda.



"I am passionate about yoga, connection, the dance of life and the possibility in it all. I play to create and create to inspire."

As owner, creator, and co-founder of Peace Retreat and Swastha Yoga International, Kevin has fulfilled his long-time intention of creating a unique setting for conscious integrated learning in the form of a yoga-inspired wellness retreat and learning centre in Costa Rica; founded on the principles of holistic healing and the art of living well.

Kevin has been practicing and teaching yoga classes for over 15 years and, as a catalyst in the realm of human potential, continues to facilitate and share his way of teaching internationally by way of meaningful yoga teacher trainings, yoga based classes, leadership workshops and programs. He co-founded and co-developed yoga studios in Canada, various yoga programs and schools in America, and also worked closely with Baron Baptiste as Program Team Manager, Production Supervisor, and Facilitator for Baptiste Power Yoga Institute teacher training programs.

Most recently, Kevin co-founded Swastha Yoga International, an integrated yoga educational retreat and teacher training program based on the unique art and science of Ayurveda, Yoga, and human potential principles.  As a retreat owner, international teacher trainer, and amazing dad, Kevin is committed to living and teaching with purpose, inclusivity, and passion.